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Monday 2nd December 2019
Challis Chalice Handicaps
The handicaps for this seasons Challis Chalice are now online
Sunday 20th October 2019
Competition Draws 
The draws for this seasons competitions have been released.  Click on the link below, the dates the ties are to be played by and who to contact with the result are at the bottom of the page.
Competition Draws
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sunday 8th December 2019
Challis Chalice league gets underway

Report by Andy Ellison

Starting the second half of the season in the Hastings Bar Billiards League's handicap competition named in honour of the late Jenny Lind landlord, Keith (KC) Challis with a match between the two Jenny Lind teams seemed quite apt.

The draw pitched Jenny B captain Alex Reardon against Jenny A skipper Ray Norton. Both players started confidently and the scores were level at the midway point, but the frame then started to be more tentative. Alex was in the lead by a few hundred when the bar dropped, Ray had a chance to clear up to win but was unable to overcome Alex's lead. Next up was Steve Astley for Jenny B against Denis Cole who had a 2000 handicap to overcome  A low scoring opening by Steve was met by a 2000 break by Denis which levelled the scores. Consistent scoring by each player kept things tight as Denis lost a 2000 break before scoring enough to hold on for the win for Jenny A. Nadja Herten for Jenny B and Andrew Lipscome stepped up for frame 3 and Andrew's opening 1000 break was the difference between the two players as Nadja lost more points than she retained, so Andrew's win put Jenny A ahead by 2-1. After the break Nick Speight  recorded a 4000 break to take the frame and match for Jenny A against a luckless Andy Horsler. The final frame pitted Ian Hicks for Jenny B against the returning Denis Cole, and the players were evenly matched with consistent 1000 breaks on each side. The pivotal moment came as Ian lost a 2000 break which seemed to spur Denis on, but Ian maintained his composure to hold on and win by 1000. An excellent evening was completed, and the A team gained an unexpected 3-2 victory against an improving B side.

Ashburnham Arms started the handicap season with a 3-2 win at Nags Head B. Ash skipper Sandy Harmer fought back from a 5600 deficit against Liz Wilkinson to claim the win with two 3000 breaks. Dave Pearce increased the visitors lead with success against a luckless Kell Wilkinson and Mick Osborne won the match for Ash as he saw off Chris Haynes in the third. However home skipper Jamie Minihane produced the performance of the night as he amassed a 12020 break to make light of a 5200 deficit against Dave Pearce.. Chris Haynes won the last game of the night in a rematch against Mick Osborne, showing more of his true form with a 3000 break in the win that made the score 3-2 to the visitors.

Regular season champions Nags Head B set out at Old King John as they had left off in the earlier competition. Skipper Colin Southouse made nonsense of a 3400 deficit by launching into a record-breaking total of 15090 with a break of 7260 included, by far the highest total ever recorded at the venue. The home side were not daunted by this display though and Dave Froude took the next without needing to utilise his handicap advantage against Alec Pope. Chris Lamb, next up for OKJ, overcame a 1130 deficit to record 5920 in defeating Fred Pope and Mark Bailey was well ahead when Peter Payne hit the black peg at the end of the frame meaning that the home side had a winning 3-1 lead. OKJ skipper Andy Ellison rounded off the evening for the home side and took the score to 4-1 with a 3000 break and a total of 4660 against the luckless Fred Pope who lost a 2000 break with a peg when challenging for the lead.

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Monday 2nd December 2019
Nags Head B win the winter league

Report by Andy Ellison

St. Leonards side Nags Head B claimed their first-ever Hastings Bar Billiards League title as they overcame co-residents Nags Head A this week. Nags B nerves were jangling as Peter Payne's excellent 5080 in the first was surpassed by Nags A skipper Jamie Minihane's 5640 to leave Peter with the highest losing total of the season! The anxiety for Nags B was eased as Fred Pope with 4760 and Colin Southouse with 9760 nudged them into a 2-1 interval lead. Clive Minihane levelled the scores on the night with 7620 for Nags A but Peter Payne showed no reaction to his earlier loss and returned in the final frame with 6940 to take the match for Nags B by 3-2 and effectively claim the title.

Ashburnham Arms title hopes went up in smoke as they visited Jenny Lind B who produced a masterclass to defeat the title hopefuls by 4-1. On the night  Alex Reardon, Steve Astley and Jez Horsler produced their league personal best totals to earn the victory for the home side. Nadia Herten put the home side ahead against a luckless Mick Osborne, Mick was ahead early on but Nadia came back to level the scores, Mick went for a ball in the middle of the table and hit the black peg with just minutes left. Captain Sandy Harmer was the only winner for the visitors as he came from behind to beat Ian Hicks who put in a good performance to keep the game competitive. Alex Reardon put the home side back in front with two 1000 plus breaks in his game to see off Dave Pearce. The home side won the decisive frame as Steve Astley produced a fine performance to beat Mick Osborne, Steve recorded a 1500 break and two 1000 breaks to give Jenny B the win. The best for the home side was left until last as Jez Horsler started with a 4000 break, added a 1200 break to end up with the highest score of the night for the home side with 6870,  seeing Jenny Lind B through to a deserved 4-1 win and helping them end the season on a high.

This reverse for Ash meant that Old King John were able to come through on the rails and claim the runners-up spot. Stand-in skipper Andy Eldridge left himself out of the line-up for OKJ but his selection provided their best result of the season with a 4-1 success over Jenny Lind A. Mark Bailey won a tight first frame for the home side and Chris Lamb added the second with the evening's best of 5650. With OKJ on a roll, Nigel Doe took the next with 3380 and it took all of the resolve of Nick Speight to claim a win in the fourth for Jenny A. Garry Tomlin wasn't to be denied though and he sealed the 4-1 win for OKJ with a last frame success. This is the half-way point in the League's season and the teams now begin the Challis Chalice Handicap competition with all players receiving a handicap based on their totals in the regular season.

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Friday 22nd November 2019
Title race close going in to final week

Report by Andy Ellison

Nags Head A suffered a little vertigo as their position at the summit of the Hastings Bar Billiards League led to a wobble in the League's penultimate week. Colin Southouse's team experienced only their second defeat of the season when they visited Jenny Lind A. Colin pulled his team level with 11890 in the second frame after Denis Cole had kept up his excellent form with 4710 in an opening frame success. Peter Payne was also on the mark for the leaders with a winning total of 3690 but Alec Pope could not repeat his heroics of the previous week as he met Nick Speight in two encounters. Nick dominated both games on his home table and although Alec fought well he could not match Nick's scores of 4240 and 3690 meaning that Jenny A claimed a notable scalp with a 3-2 victory.

This meant that Ashburnham Arms were able to narrow the gap at the top to 4 points after their 3-2 success over visitors Old King John, although this was not achieved without a little anxiety of it's own. All began smoothly for Ash as Mick Osborne with 5560 and Skipper Sandy Harmer with the evening's best of 11450 put the home side into a comfortable 2-0 lead. Andy Ellison pulled one back for the visitors with 7040 and team-mate Mark Bailey looked good in the next with a lead as the bar fell. However a peg shot put the game in jeopardy and Dave Pearce kept his cool to claim the frame with a last ball 200 shot. This event proved pivotal as Garry Tomlin kept up his good run of form for OKJ as he kept plugging away and overtook Mick Osborne's total to restrict Ash to the 3-2 winning scoreline.

Another close match was played out between Nags Head A who entertained Jenny Lind B. Chris Haynes posted 7840 in claiming the first and Skipper Jamie Minihane outscored him with 12040 to set up a strong position for the home side. However as in most games in the League this season there was a fightback and a close finish to the evening. Alex Reardon and Steve Astley settled to their games for Jenny B and claimed wins that brought the scores level at 2-2. At the death  the experience of Nags landlord Clive Minihane was crucial as in the decider his  score of 9830 was enough to ensure a home win by 3-2. All is up for grabs as the teams complete their fixtures this week. 

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Friday 22nd November 2019
Hastings close to shock win

The Hastings interleague team came close to a shock win away to Horsham on Sunday.  The task ahead was already a tough one playing away to a team in the division above and was made worse as Hastings only managed to play with six players.  Captain Jamie Minihane put in a captains performance to put the visitors ahead but the home side flexed their muscles as they won the next three games with two being against the break that ensured the victory with the last game already awarded to the home side.  Clive Minihane and Sandy Harmer won the final two games of the night which made the result 4-3 to the home side, Hastings were left wondering what could've been if they had seven players but can hold their heads high after a valiant performance against a far stronger team than any they currently face in division three.


Wednesday 20th November 2019
Nags B take lead at top of the table

Report by Andy Ellison

Although officially a bye week in the Hastings Bar Billiards League,the catch-up games played may well prove to be pivotal in the outcome of the League. Ashburnham Arms title hopes took another huge hit with a 3-2 defeat away to the Nags Head A. In the battle of the captains in the first game Nags A's Jamie Minihane took revenge over Sandy Harmer for his defeat earlier in the season. Sandy pegged his first break and Jamie made him pay with a 9100 break. Jamie added another 3000 break near the end of the game to ensure a victory with a magnificent total of 12590. Mick Osborne got the visitors level with a narrow victory over Gareth Dell. The scores were close throughout until the bar went when Mick managed a few hundred to give himself breathing space and took the game. The Nags Head A took the lead as Clive Minihane beat Dave Pearce in the third, the players were close early on but Clive scored a 3000 break and kept adding despite Dave's valiant efforts to come back. The home side confirmed the victory as Chris Haynes beat Dave Pearce, playing his second game of the night. Chris was in the lead throughout the game but Dave wasn't rewarded for another good performance. The Ashburnham pulled it back to 3-2 as captain Sandy Harmer played his second game of the night with a win over Chris Haynes. Sandy got in an early lead and kept it all the way through including a 3000 break to ensure the visitors took four points on the night.

Nags Head B also had a difficult evening but ended as clear leaders of the table. Their match began according to form as Colin Southouse recorded 8250 to claim the first frame. Jenny A fought back immediately though as Nick Speight  took the second with 4430 and Andrew Lipscombe followed that with 3180 in a dogged performance that gave Jenny A  a 2-1 lead. With Nags A's League leadership under threat, Alec Pope found himself faced with the task of playing the final two frames and he proved to be up for the task.Without hitting the heights in scoring terms, Alec claimed both frames to give his side the 3-2 scoreline that brought the points that give Nags B a comfortable 8 point advantage at the top of the table with two matches left to play.  

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Sunday 10th November 2019
Four points separate top three after week 8 

Report by Andy Ellison

In the Hastings Bar Billiards League this week Nags Head B regained top spot after claiming their first whitewash of the season when they entertained Jenny Lind B. Fred Pope was back to form for Nags A and took the first with 4830 having recovered from a 2000 deficit as he took on Ian Hicks. Son Alec outscored him in the second with 5370 in his successful outing  and skipper Colin Southouse drove home the advantage for Nags B with two 4000 breaks in his total of 10900, the best of the night by far. Another slow start saw Peter Payne trailing but  he pulled it back to win with 4630 and Fred Pope returned to round off a successful evening for Nags B with a score of 6060 enough to ensure the 5-0 win. 

At Jenny Lind A captain Ray Norton was pitted against visiting Ashburnham Arms skipper Sandy Harmer. After an encouraging opening Ray's performance  tailed off as he lost a 1000 break whilst Sandy forged ahead with two substantial breaks and finished with 6600, the highest overall score of the match.  In the second frame Denis Cole met Dave Pearce, in their now regular encounter. Denis built a score through a number of small breaks and held on to win comfortably. In the frame before the break, Mick Osborne took on Andrew Lipscombe, and Mick had clearly upset the bar billiards gods as his first few visits to the table resulted in plenty of scoring followed by a fallen peg or foul leaving him a good 2000 behind a consistently scoring Andrew. When Mick did manage to get into the frame it was too late to catch up.  The second half of the evening saw Ray Norton against Mick Osborne, who overcame his earlier demons and opened with the highest break of the day of 4200, which saw him an easy winner of the frame. The final frame between Andrew Lipscombe and Dave Pearce saw the scores ebb and flow with each player taking a small lead in turn until Andrew managed to get ahead by 300 as the bar fell, and Dave was unable to catch up, so giving Jenny A a 3-2 victory and a blow to Ash's hopes of holding on to their title. 

Old King John retained their interest in the outcome of the League thanks to a hard-fought victory over visitors Nags Head A. Andy Eldridge won a low scoring opening encounter with Chris Haynes where both players conceded more points than they retained. Skipper Andy Ellison did better in winning the next for OKJ with a 3000 break in his season's personal best of 6170. Opposing captain Jamie Minihane responded for Nags A in the third frame with his 5590 proving too much for in-form Nigel Doe. However Chris Lamb sealed the match for OKJ with his 4950 putting the hosts into a 3-1 lead. Gareth Dell dug in for Nags A with a final frame win that kept the margin of victory to 3-2 to OKJ.

These results mean that Nags Head B lead the League by 2 points from Old King John with a game in hand. Ashburnham Arms remain the leading challengers, 4 points down on Nags A but having played the same number of games. Now a blank week in the schedule allows for postponed games to be played.

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Saturday 2nd November 2019
Nags B lose unbeaten start

Report by Andy Ellison

In the Hastings Bar Billiards League  Ashburnham Arms ended the Nags Head B's unbeaten run and went top of the table with a  3-2 win in a very tight encounter. The highlight of the night was provided by Colin Southouse who recorded a season's new highest away break of 10060. The night started well for the home side as captain Sandy Harmer hit a 4000 break to beat Fred Pope, but the visitors got on the board as Peter Payne saw off a determined Dave Pearce. Peter got an early 3000 break, Dave fought back but his efforts were thwarted as Peter kept on scoring and a late 1000 break made sure of the win. Mick Osborne came back from an opening 3000 break from Alex Pope to win in the tightest game of the night, Mick chased the opening break down with two 1000 breaks and then a 3000 break to put the Ash 2-1 ahead. Colin Southouse started slowly against Dave White but Colin put in a sublime performance with his 10060 break to draw the game level. Dave Pearce and Fred Pope played the last game of the night in the decider. Fred got an early lead but Dave managed two 1000 breaks to take a good lead to win the final game of the night and the 3-2 overall success for Ash was the outcome.

At Nags Head A the home side took an early 2-0 lead against visitors Jenny Lind A. Chris Haynes started with a 4500 break and built up to a total of 6030 in claiming the first whilst landlord Clive Minihane bettered that score with a winning 7030 in the second. Nick Speight pulled a frame back for Jenny B against the luckless Liz Wilkinson and Liz was matched against Denis Cole in her second visit so facing Jenny's two most experienced players. Denis prevailed but Chris Haynes returned for Nags A to record 5640 and claim his second win and provide for the 3-2 victory for Nags A. 

As in so many games this season the meeting of Jenny B and Old King John ended in the same 3-2 scoreline. Garry Tomlin was on the ball again with a win in the first for OKJ. Hosts Jenny B replied immediately as Alex Reardon claimed a victory with a solid-scoring performance and Jez Horsler built on this for his team with 3920 in the third frame to give Jenny B a 2-1 interval lead.  Ian Hicks was very unlucky in the next, almost matching the high score for his team but coming up against in-form Nigel Doe who put OKJ level with a 4880 total. Ian showed up well in his second game too but met another strong performance from an OKJ player, this time it was Chris Lamb who posted 5360 as the best total of the night to turn the game in favour of OKJ by 3-2.

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Saturday 2nd November 2019
Hastings lose in Interleague

Hastings' losing start to the interleague campaign continued last week as they went down 5-2 away to a strong Brighton C team.  Chris Haynes and Fred Pope were the winners for the visitors with Fred top scoring with 4300 against the break.  The Jenny Lind B duo Steve Astley and Alex Reardon put in strong performances that were unfortunate to not produce a win.



Sunday 27th October 2019
Nags B remain unbeaten in week 6

Report by Andy Ellison

Unbeaten Nags Head B held on to their record after the tightest of battles with visitors Old King John in the Hastings Bar Billiards League this week. The home side's position looked under threat as first of all Mark Bailey and then Andy Ellison stepped up to put OKJ into a 2-0 lead with similar steady scoring in both games on the away table. The third frame proved crucial as Garry Tomlin took an early lead for OKJ but Alec Pope settled into his game in the mid-frame period and recorded a good 2000 break putting him just out of reach of Garry's late flourish. Skipper Colin Southouse produced his usual dominant performance in claiming the fourth frame for Nags B with a total of 6940. However even he seemed influenced by the tense atmosphere and was unable to construct a meaningful break. With the scores balanced at 2-2 Alec Pope returned to the table for Nags B to settle the nerves for his side with a winning total of 4270 completing the comeback and preserving the unbeaten record. 

The Ashburnham Arms continued their good form as they saw off the Nags Head A 4-1. Sean Croft came in to the Nags Head lineup and put in a good performance against Dave White, but unfortunately for Sean, despite maintaining parity in the first half of the game' Dave got a 1000 break to secure the win. Two of the highest scorers in the league met in the second game as Sandy Harmer played Jamie Minihane, but it wasn't the high scoring game many expected instead it was a game riddled with mistakes. Sandy kept a small lead throughout the game to put the home side 2-0 ahead. Chris Haynes was the shining light of the evening as he won the third frame for the Nags Head A with a superb 8920 opening break to give Mick Osborne no chance of winning. Dave Pearce secured the win for the home side as he won the fourth and fifth games of the night. Firstly he easily beat Jamie Minihane with three separate 1000 breaks then he went on to beat Sean Croft in the fifth game to give the Ashburnham Arms a 4-1 win.

The internal derby at Jenny Lind was resolved in favour of Jenny Lind A by a 4-1 margin. Denis Cole was the outstanding performer for Jenny A as he topped and tailed the evening with clear wins in the first and final games. Andrew Lipscombe had given Jenny A a 2-0 lead in the second frame whilst Nick Speight took the closest contest of the night with his 4240 giving him a narrow victory over Alex Reardon. It was left to Ian Hicks to claim the consolation win for Jenny B so avoiding a whitewash. 

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Important Dates for November 19 / December 19


6th November

Nags Head B 5-0 Jenny Lind B

Old King John 3-2 Nags Head A

Jenny Lind A 3-2 Ashburnham

13th November

Nags Head A 3-2 Ashburnham

Jenny Lind A 2-3 Nags Head B

Bye Week

17th November

Sussex Interleague Division Three

Horsham 4-3 Hastings

20th November

Jenny Lind A 3-2 Nags Head B

Ashburnham 3-2 Old King John

Nags Head A 3-2 Jenny Lind B

27th November

Nags Head B 3-2 Nags Head A

Jenny Lind B 4-1 Ashburnham

Old King John 4-1 Jenny Lind A

Challis Chalice Handicap League 

4th December

Old King John 4-1 Nags Head B

Jenny Lind B 2-3 Jenny Lind A

Nags Head A 2-3 Ashburnham Arms

8th December

Sussex Interleague Division Three

Hastings v Lewes

@ The Nags Head

11th December

Nags Head B P-P Ashburnham Arms

Jenny Lind A v Nags Head A

Old King John v Jenny Lind B

15th December

Sussex Interleague Division Three

Hastings v Redhill B

@ The Nags Head

18th December

Jenny Lind B v Nags Head B

Nags Head A v Old King John

Ashburnham Arms v Jenny Lind A