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Wednesday 18th March 2020

Please note confirmation that the Hastings Bar Billiards league is suspended with immediate effect  until further notice, could captains please inform their respective team members


kind regards

Colin Southouse

League Secretary 

Sunday 20th October 2019
Competition Draws 
The draws for this seasons competitions have been released.  Click on the link below, the dates the ties are to be played by and who to contact with the result are at the bottom of the page.
Competition Draws
Monday 16th March 2020
Rix Cup starts with away wins

Report compiled by Andy Ellison

The Rix Cup competition in the Hastings Bar Billiards League began with Jenny Lind B continuing their form from the handicap league  with a 3-2 win away to Ashburnham Arms. Home captain Sandy Harmer put the home side ahead with 7190 proving the highest score of the night. However the visitors quickly took the lead with two successive wins, Ian Hicks levelled the match as he kept ahead of Mick Osborne throughout the game, recording 3390, while Alex Reardon scored a 2500 break in the middle of his game to squeeze past Dave Pearce, who put in a valiant effort but came just short of winning the game. Mick Osborne made sure his second game was better than his first as he broke off with 2500 and ended up with over 5000 to defeat Steve Astley and level things at 2-2. The decider was a one sided affair, Jez Horsler established a 3000 lead early, lost a 3710 break but still had enough to beat Dave Pearce and secure the win for Jenny Lind B.


Old King John overcame the loss of the tip from their communal cue to defeat hosts Jenny Lind A by 4-1. Garry Tomlin struggled early on with a replacement cue but fought back well to challenge Denis Cole and force a final ball shoot-out. However Denis prevailed at the death. OKJ's Andy Eldridge used his personal cue to good advantage with a 1500 opening break and a total of 3730 to level the scores. Nigel Doe started well for OKJ in the third frame but lost a good break and it was only late in the game that he collected enough points to squeeze ahead of Lynn Truslove and put his side ahead at the break. Roger Andrews celebrated his return to the game and settled into a steady routine that produced 3810 as the best of the night and another win for the visitors.The final frame was another tight one between the returning Denis Cole and OKJ skipper Andy Ellison. With neither player able to build a meaningful break it was Andy who held on for the win that gave his side the 4-1 success.


Sunday 8th March 2020
Rix Cup fixtures released

The 2020 Rix Cup fixtures have been released and can be viewed below or via Important Dates here on the homepage


Sunday 8th March 2020
Handicaps for next season announced

The player handicaps for next season have been released to team captains, the formula for these has been explained below from Colin Southouse:

'Figures for all handicaps have a 50% contribution from the normal league stats and 50% contribution from the handicap league stats this takes into account those that play well in one section and not the other. Scores are continuing to rise generally with an average of 26 players having increased averages and only 7 reducing, hopefully next season the matches will be even closer.  Please let me know before AGM if anyone feels the need to have their averages explained please contact me before the AGM as there will be no chance to amend them after that date.'

Please read these carefully and remember that next years handicap league averages are in the yellow coloured columns and the individual handicap competition handicap are in the blue column as there is a lot data in this document which may cause confusion. 

Handicaps 20/21

Thursday 27th February 2020
Jenny Lind B win the Handicap League

The Jenny Lind B have won the Handicap league in a week where they didn't hit a single shot, the champions were waiting on the rearranged games to be played before any champagne was uncorked, their prayers were answered as their housemates the Jenny Lind A who also had a chance of the title won 3-2 at home to the Nags Head A, the result was perfect for the Jenny Lind B as both title contenders were denied the title with the result.  In other news the Nags Head B beat the Ashburnham Arms 3-2.

Scorecards   Averages

Thursday 27th February 2020
Jenny B set target for chasing pack

Report by Andy Ellison

Jenny Lind B finished their Hastings Bar Billiards League season with a 4-1 win at home to the Ashburnham Arms to give them a ten point lead over the chasing pack. The visitors extended their winless run to eight games but they had the perfect start as Dave Pearce produced a solid performance, scoring 4120 to beat Andy Horsler. The visitors joy ended there as the home side took control, Steve Astley scored a new personal best of 7700 to see off Mick Osborne and Sandy Harmer, for the second week running, lost a match winning break as Ian Hicks made it 2-1 in a game decided by 110 points. Jez Horsler came from behind to defeat Dave White with 5420 to seal the match win and home captain Alex Reardon continued his great form as he beat Dave Pearce emphatically, recording 4180 to give the home side a realistic chance of the Handicap League title.

Housemates Jenny Lind A lost ground and will need to achieve at least a 4-1 victory in their remaining fixture to challenge the B side as they finished on the wrong side of a tight match at Old King John. Andy Ellison put OKJ away with a good total of 5590 in the first and Andy Eldridge built on this with 3970 proving good enough to double the lead for the home side. Lynne Truslove kept her team in contention with a last ball win over Mark Bailey after both players had a couple of attempts at the final ball. Dave Froude stepped up to give the home side a winning lead and maintain their interest in the runners-up spot with a personal best of 4400 in his win. Jenny B did not give up the fight and ever-reliable Nick Speight claimed the final frame to keep the score to 3-2 to OKJ and maintain his side's interest in the outcome of the League. 

Nags Head A have an outside interest too with two games to play in their case. This week they came out on top in a high-scoring Derby match with Nags B. Jamie Minihane took the first for Nags A with a total of 11930 including two 3000 breaks. This break-building was replicated by dad Clive although his final winning total was"only" 8830. The third player to follow the two 3000 break pattern was Colin Southouse for Nags B as he hit a massive 14650 to pull back the score to 2-1 at the break. Chris Haynes managed only one big break but it came late in the game and was enough to see him home and give Nags A the winning lead. Fred Pope took the last to mean that yet another match went to the 3-2 scoreline, this time to Nags A. 

Tuesday 18th February 2020
Title race opens up after week nine

Report by Andy Ellison

Things tightened up at the top of the Hastings Bar Billiards League as leaders Jenny Lind B faced their first significant setback when they visited Nags Head A. Jenny B started confidently with Steve Astley taking the opener with a sound total of 3340. That proved to be the high point of the evening for the visitors as Chris Haynes for Nags A levelled the scores in the next with a very good total of 8690 including two 3000 breaks. With son Jamie unavailable, Clive Minihane stepped up as leading performer for Nags A. He played the next two frames for the home side and won them both convincingly with scores of 8450 and 7170. Lynne Wilkinson recorded her highest total of 1400 to take the final frame and complete a 4-1 success for Nags A which leaves Jenny B in top spot but open to threats from below.

Their leading challengers are companions Jenny Lind A, four points in arrears but with a game in hand after their demolition of Nags Head B by 4-1. In her first season and encouraged by the handicap system, Lynne Truslove enjoyed a particularly successful evening for Jenny A as she claimed victories in two frames at the start and end of the match. Regulars Ray Norton and Denis Cole added winning performances that strengthened Jenny A's position and it was left to skipper Colin Southouse to rescue a point for Nags B with another outstanding score, this time it was 11650 including a break of 7060.

Ashburnham Arms endured an evening that summarised their season in the Handicap Competition after winning the main season event. Dave Pearce for Ash potted both balls four times and found that Nigel Doe for visitors Old King John was in an unforgiving mood, going on to record 6810 as a winning total. Ash skipper Sandy Harmer looked good in the next and was sitting on a break of 8000 plus when he miscued as the cue ball rolled and Andy Ellison was left to claim another win for OKJ. Dave White for Ash emulated his teammate with a four time break-off, managed to pull back his deficit against Andy Eldridge but hit the black peg chasing a last ball win. Garry Tomlin provided the best performance of the night for the visitors with a new personal best of 5610 in his successful outing but Mick Osborne rescued some pride for the home side with a good win to restrict the margin to 4-1 for OKJ.

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​Monday 10th February 2020
Jenny Lind delight in week eight

Report by Andy Ellison

Top of the table Jenny Lind B visited Nags Head B in the Hastings Bar Billiards League this week. Fred Pope opened for the home side but faced Steve Astley for Jenny B who hit a new personal best of 4800 to win convincingly. Peter Payne levelled things for the home side with a nice opening 3200 break to help cancel out his handicap and win in a close second game against Ian Hicks, The third frame saw Nags skipper Colin Southouse taking on Jez Horsler who enjoyed a good handicap advantage. Jez opened with a small break, Colin left both balls short of the 50 holes leaving Jez to forge ahead and take the win for the visitors. Alec Pope came to the rescue for Nags B in the fourth after a shaky start thanks to a 4000 break to leave the match level at 2-2. The decider saw Alex Reardon pitched against the Nags' Peter Payne, Peter struggled  to recover from a large handicap disadvantage and didn't get into the game leaving Alex to take frame and match with 4420 as the second personal best of the night for the visitors. 

With Old King John's clash with Nags A postponed, Jenny Lind A took the opportunity to challenge their housemates at the top with a successful visit to Ashburnham Arms. Ash hoped to improve on their recent record as Dave Pearce took the opener for them but were brought back down to earth as Nick Speight made the most of his handicap advantage to see off Sandy Harmer, the home team skipper. Ever-reliable Denis Cole won the third frame for the visitors whilst Andrew Lipscombe claimed the penultimate game to give Jenny A a winning 3-1 lead. Mick Osborne stepped up again for Ash in the final frame and produced a good 3000 break but Lynn Truslove's handicap advantage saw her home giving the 4-1 scoreline to Jenny A. 

Hastings Inter-league side continued their improvement with a 5-2 home win over Mid-Sussex. Chris Haynes and Sandy Harmer put Hastings on their way and Dave Pearce was able to celebrate his first success at this level. Jamie Minihane did not disappoint with the best total of the night and Mick Osborne added the icing on the cake with the win that pushed the score to an impressive 5-2 for Hastings. 

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​Monday 3rd February 2020
Hastings regain winning touch against Mid Sussex

The Hastings Interleague side got back to winning ways as they beat Mid Sussex 5-2 to keep their title chances alive.  Chris Haynes and Sandy Harmer put the home side 2-0 ahead, Dave Pearce increased the lead as he won his first interleague game of the season and Jamie Minihane continued his good form to win the game for Hastings.  Mick Osborne won the final game of the night to ensure the 5-2 win.

​Monday 3rd February 2020
Jenny Lind B increase lead at the top

Report by Andy Ellison

Jenny Lind B strengthened their hold on top spot in the Hastings Bar Billiards League Handicap competition by claiming a narrow 3-2 success over visitors Old King John. Ian Hicks took the first for Jenny B as a high handicap proved too much for Andy Eldridge, Steve Astley added the next in similar circumstances against Chris Lamb while Alex Reardon was convincing in claiming the frame that gave Jenny B a 3-0 winning lead. As in their previous game OKJ came to life after the break with Andy Ellison recording 5360 in a success against Jenny B's Jez Horsler and Nigel Doe bettering this with 6920 against brother Andy Horsler. 

Jenny A's visit to Nags Head A featured much depleted teams, with the home team's Luke Minihane in the opener against Jenny B's Lynne Truslove. Lynne built her largest ever break of 1250 to forge into the lead, eventually winning by 500 points. Home captain Jamie Minihane faced Nick Speight next, and Jamie built a commanding lead including two 3000 breaks to win with the highest score on the night of 11230. Chris Haynes for Nags A met Leigh Truslove making his league debut. Chris powered into the lead with an opening 6410 break and won with a comfortable 1500 margin despite Leigh's generous 5000 handicap advantage. Chris then returned for Nags A against Ray Norton and won by just 400 points securing the win for the Nags A team at 3-1. The final returning pair were Jamie and Lynne. Jamie had reached over 12000  but missed a ball and his break was lost, Lynne scored points and there was no time for Jamie to catch up with his high handicap. Lynne emerged as the winner by 1000 points, leaving the match score as Nags Head A 3 Jenny Lind A 2.


Ashburnham Arms continued their winless run as visitors Nags Head B claimed a 3-2 success. A crucial break of 3890 gave Dave White a win in the first frame but Peter Payne replied strongly for Nags B in the second with three substantial breaks to overcome the handicap advantage enjoyed by Dave Pearce. Fred Pope started with a 2000 break that saw him lead Mick Osborne by 4000. Mick fought back, gradually building up the points that saw him win in a tight finish and put Ash 2-1 ahead. The skippers met in the next and Sandy Harmer was first away for Ash with a 2000 break. Colin Southouse responded though with an 8000 break seeing him through to claim the leveller for Nags B and the best total of the night. Dave Pearce returned for Ash in the decider but his 2600 break wasn't enough to see off Fred Pope who replied with 1500 and held on as the bar fell to claim the 3-2 success for Nags B.

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​Sunday 26th January 2020
Jenny Lind derby produces a cracker

Report by Andy Ellison

In the most significant contest ever between the two Jenny Lind sides with leadership of the Hastings Bar Billiards League up for grabs, Jenny A's Denis Cole faced B  team's Ian Hicks in the first. After both players opened tentatively, Ian’s 1100 handicap advantage proved to be main difference and he secured the win. The A sides's new player Lynne Truslove started problematically against Jez Horsler and  the match was decided by his impressive 5000 opening break meaning that Jez ran out a convincing winner giving the B team a 2-0 lead. Jenny A's Nick Speight faced B team captain Alex Reardon and Nick’s opening break of 5000 was sufficient to overcome Alex’s handicap advantage and to ensure that the A team were on the board. After the break Andrew Lipscombe faced Steve Astley, in what was initially a very tight encounter. However Steve went on to win by 2500, giving the B team a 3-1 winning lead. Finally Jenny A skipper Ray Norton faced Andy Horsler.  Ray scored nearly 1400 in an opening break, Andy and Ray then swapped low scoring breaks until the bar fell with Ray slightly behind, but a late break and a final ball 100 saw him home and gave the match result as Jenny A 2 - Jenny B 3 and the lead in the table to Jenny B.


Ashburnham Arms are still looking for a win after entertaining Nags Head A. Ash went ahead in the most fortunate of circumstances when Jamie Minihane lost a break of  10590 with only two minutes to go, leaving Dave Pearce to notch a break of 1400 to claim the win. The visitors levelled the match as Clive Minihane established a 3000 lead and added two 1000 breaks to claim a clear win. Chris Haynes put Nags A ahead as Ash experienced the bad luck this time. Chris built a 3000 lead but Dave White fought back to within 1000 and was on course for the win when a peg intervened to hand the frame to Chris. Ash skipper Sandy Harmer levelled things at 2-2 as he overcame Clive Minihane thanks to a  4000 break scored late in  the frame. The final frame was a re-run of the first but this time Jamie learned his lesson and kept his 10540 break-off shot to claim the win for himself and the 3-2 result for his side.

Old King John seemed influenced by their previous week's heavy defeat and made a very slow start at Nags Head B.. Alec Pope for Nags B built a steady lead in the first to score 6390 in beating Andy Ellison and Chris Southouse belied his lack of experience to defeat Nigel Doe in the second. Nags B skipper Colin Southouse lost a large break but still had time to overcome a handicap deficit of 7800, record a total of 9450 and claim the win that gave Nags B a 3-0 lead. However after the break OKJ finally shook themselves into action with Chris Lamb hitting 6280 in the fourth and Mark Bailey dominating the final frame with 7520 to restrict Nags B to a 3-2 success.   

Hastings Inter-league side were overwhelmed by a very experienced Worthing B team and only Jamie Minihane could live with the opposition, but he did so in some style, recording a personal best total of 19420 in claiming the sole success for Hastings as Worthing went home with a 6-1 victory.

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​Monday 20th January 2020
Hastings given lesson by Worthing B

Hastings Interleague side were blown away on Sunday as they lost at home to division two side Worthing B 6-1. The visitors raced in to a 2-0 lead as Chris Haynes and Clive Minihane lost close games, Mick Osborne was given literally no chance as Paul Barnett scored a fantastic 14.480 to put the visitors 3-0 ahead. Hastings captain Jamie Minihane scored his personal best with a superb 19,420 to give the home side a glimmer of hope but all hopes were dashed as Sandy Harmer, Dave Pearce and Alex Reardon couldn't make their chances pay as Worthing B deservedly won the game 6-1.


​Monday 20th January 2020
Jenny Lind B go top in week five

Report by Andy Ellison

Leaders Old King John came back down to earth with an enormous crash on their visit to Jenny Lind A in the Hastings Bar Billiards League. In the opener the home team's Denis Cole began with a 2000 break removing Garry Tomlin''s  handicap advantage and more, and when Gary returned he scored only small breaks before coming off. Denis scored consistently and secured the first frame by 2000. Second for Jenny B was Nick Speight against away team captain Andy Ellison, Nick's opening break was sufficient to clear Andy's handicap advantage, scoring 3800. The deficit proved impossible to overcome and Nick rolled out an eventual easy winner by 4000 points. Andrew Lipscombe kept his scores in the third for Jenny B whilst Andy Eldridge for OKJ lost points through hitting pegs. Andrew won by the amount of his handicap advantage of 1600. With the match victory assured at 3-0, home captain Ray Norton faced Chris Lamb. Ray's handicap advantage and an 800 plus opening break did not seem to faze Chris who amassed a 2500 break only for a peg to tumble. Ray continued to score and built a winning total of 4840. Last home player was newcomer Lynne Truslove pitched against experienced Mark Bailey for OKJ. However Lynne completed her first ever league victory 3140 to 1360 completing the home team's 5-0 success.

Jenny Lind B took over at the top of the table thanks to a 3-2 success at Ashburnham Arms. Sandy Harmer took the first for Ash with a 5800 break and another of 1200 helping him to overcome a handicap deficit against Ian Hicks. Alex Reardon then stepped up for Jenny B to notch his first ever 2000 break and claim a win over Mick Osborne. Dave Pearce was on form for Ash with two 1000 breaks in the third to put the home side into a 2-1 interval lead but Jez and Andy Horsler came good for Jenny B once again with wins in the final two frames, both against the luckless Dave White that turned the match on it's head and saw Jenny B reach top spot.

The Nags Head Derby produced some high scoring, sometimes from unexpected sources. Fred Pope took the first for Nags B with 4620 but Chris Haynes bettered this in his winning response for the A team with 7610. The third frame provided the battle between the two skippers but not the outcome that might have been expected. After an early error by B team's Colin Southouse, youngster Jamie Minihane produced a break of 12050 and a smaller follow-up to hit a record total of 18050 in winning for Nags A. Peter Payne stepped up to notch a sound 7950 in levelling things for Nags B in the fourth frame but Chris Haynes returned to claim a win with an excellent 11070 in the final game and claim the 3-2 match success for Nags A on a night that saw a total of 56000 points scored by the two teams.   

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​Saturday 11th January 2020
OKJ and Jenny B take lead in week four

Report by Andy Ellison

Old King John established a 4 point lead as the Challis Chalice Competition of the Hastings Bar Billiards League resumed after the Christmas break. Chris Lamb shook off some initial rustiness including a 4-time break-shot to notch a 3000 break, see off visiting Ashburnham Arms skipper Sandy Harmer and record a good win. Fellow OKJ stalwarts Andy Ellison with 7430 and Nigel Doe with 6220 took inspiration from the opener, both hitting 3000 breaks as the basis of their performances which gave the hosts a 3-0 interval lead. Dave White made a welcome return for the visitors but he came up against an unrelenting Mark Bailey who claimed the win that increased home advantage. Ash were not to be denied a consolation though as Dave Pearce made the most of his second outing to restrict OKJ to  a 4-1 success.

Jenny Lind B consolidated second place with a good home victory against Nags Head A. Clive Minihane took the first for Nags A but Jenny B were not disheartened and hit back with a run of three winning frames. Brothers Andy and Jez Horsler provided the two victories that put Jenny B ahead and then Steve Astley recorded the success that gave them the winning position with a score that would have given him the win without his handicap advantage. However Jamie Minihane stepped up for Nags A to record 7070 as the highest of the night to keep the winning total to 3-2 to Jenny B. 

Nags Head B returned to winning ways with a 4-1 success over visitors Jenny Lind A. Alec Pope topped and tailed the match for Nags B with two wins and skipper Colin Southouse was on dominant form as he hit a total of 14000 in his win. Peter Payne added a fourth frame for Nags A thanks to his 6730 total. Andrew Lipscombe replied with a win for Jenny B to avoid the whitewash and keep up an interest in the League for his side who occupy third spot in the table.

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Important Dates for March 2020


Wednesday 4th March

Old King John P-P Nags Head A


Wednesday 11th March

Jenny Lind A 1-4 Old King John

Ashburnham Arms 2-3 Jenny Lind B

Byes: Nags Head A & Nags Head B