Hastings & Bexhill Bar Billiards League AGM 02/08/18

Meeting opened 8.30pm


AGM Minutes/Newsletter


Bob Osborne, Phil Osborne, Mick Osborne, Sandy Harmer, Dave Pearce, Andy Ellison, Colin Southouse, Linda Challis, Nick Speight, Andy Horsler, Mark Bailey, Ray Norton, Andrew Lipscombe

Apologies received from

Andy Eldridge,

Minutes from previous meeting

Were presented and Agreed, Proposed Andy Horsler Second Ray Norton

Matters Arising


Chairmans Report Bob Osborne

Bob offered his thanks to the committee for maintaining the league in good order with thanks to Sandy, Colin and Andy Ellison and would hope that next season will continue in the same vain with special thanks to Linda Challis for her continued Financial support for the HBBL

Secretaries Report Sandy Harmer

Sandy gave a summary of the season and thanked those who participated in the league and handicap competitions and help received from other officers during the season, He was pleased to see that Hastings had maintained its player numbers when other leagues are struggling, Special thanks go to Linda Challis as ever. The competitions this year though well supported, were down on last year. Thanks also go to Bob, Dave, and others who helped heave the tables in and out on finals week and to Andy Ellison who’s weekly reports in the Gazette were read and enjoyed by many. Finally to Colin Southouse keeping the stats. up to date

Treasurers report Colin Southouse

Colin handed out a spreadsheet detailing the income and expenditure for the year and gave a brief explanation, included in the schedule were items that had not been received or paid by the treasurer but were received and paid by others.

As there was a surplus this year of £137.00 thanks to donations, sponsorship, the 4 pin Competition and the raffle, all subs and fees will remain the same. Though with such a small league, we could probably reduce the spend on trophies next season and increase the spend on engraving the perpetual trophies

Winter league registration £25.00/team

Summer League registration £10.00/team but will be discussed at a later committee meeting

Competition fees £2 per person for each entry

The accounts were passed,

Sussex Interleague

Hastings A

Phil Osborne reported the Hastings A team were unlucky to be relegated to div 2, changes are afoot and we are awaiting a response from SCBBA about team numbers to decide if there will be 2 interleague teams next year.

Hastings B

The B team came 2nd in Div 3 again this year and will continue to push next season for promotion, Colin mentioned that B team players should support their drivers by giving them   petrol money and of course their thanks for driving.

Election of Officers

Chairman Bob Osborne

No other proposals received

Secretary Sandy Harmer

Sandy Harmer passed on his resignation and all present were sad to see him go, the League presented a gift as a measure of their appreciation for his efforts over the years.

Colin Southouse has taken over the position with the help of a newly elected Committee member Andy Horsler

Treasurer Colin Southouse

No other proposals received

Committee Members

All officers plus Andy Ellison, a minimum of 1 member from each team will be expected to attend committee meetings

  1. Publicity officer

Andy Ellison placed regular reports in the local paper and all present thanked him for his efforts. Interleague captains should forward their match reports to him promptly so that he can add these to his league reports.

  1. Hastings Bar Billiards Web site coordinator

Billy Skinner resigned midway through the season after a disagreement with another member, Sandy Harmer took over the web site, all were pleased with his efforts and sponsorship of the web site which will continue next season, the league would require the website updated on a weekly basis next season.

Rule Changes

Proposal 1

Proposed by: Colin Southouse

Seconded by: Jamie Minihane

Rule D3 to be Amended to add “will not have the break nor with they receive the balls back in the second break” this is to clarify the 4 player rule for the person playing twice

The Proposal was passed unanimously


Proposal 2:

Proposed by: Colin Southouse

Seconded by: Jamie Minihane

Competition entrants should be regular HBBL League players

The proposal was rejected with a vote


Proposal 3: 

Proposed by: Colin Southouse

Seconded by: Jamie Minihane

E21 Those who are unable to play on finals night will forfeit the right to play and replacements found


This was amended to players should make all efforts to play their final on finals night if not, then the match should be played before finals night to ensure that trophies are handed out


Any Other Business


Colin to repot on SCBBA AGM on 7th Aug re interleague

( report from Colin who had proposed at the SCBBA AGM that the interleague teams reduce to 6 players per match from 7 on the grounds that it will allow Hastings to maintain 2 teams, this was rejected, consequently the A team has disbanded this year, Phil and Bob are going to Brighton, Mike Daw is going to Worthing, Colin is going to Lewes, Sandy and Dave White are having a year off, the decisions of the a team members are mainly due to not wanting to push the original B team players out of their team)


Hastings Handicap

This years’ handicap will be based on last years’ net home and away averages during the handicap only.



It’s in the rules not to coach, so please don’t, it creates more tension than anything else in the Hastings League,


Registration Date and season start


29th August 2018 8.30pm at OKJ season start 12th Sept 2018


Meeting closed 10.35pm