Accounts 2018/19

Hastings & Bexhill Bar Billiards League AGM 28/08/19 held at The Nags Head 

Meeting opened 8.30pm -closed 9.55pm

AGM Minutes/Newsletter


Bob Osborne, Mick Osborne, Sandy Harmer, Dave Pearce, Andy Ellison, Colin Southouse, Nick Speight, Andy Horsler, Fred Pope, Peter Payne, Ray Norton, Jamie Minihane, Clive Minihane

Apologies received from

Andy Eldridge, Linda Challis, Dave White

Minutes from previous meeting 

Were presented and Agreed, Proposed Andy Ellison Second Andy Horsler

Matters Arising


Chairmans Report Bob Osborne

Bob offered his thanks to the committee for maintaining the league in good order with thanks to Sandy, Colin and Andy Ellison and would hope that next season will continue in the same vain 

Secretaries Report Colin Southouse

Colin thanked those who participated in the league and handicap competitions and help received from other officers during the season, Special thanks go to Linda Challis without whose sponsorship of the Hastings competitions would have left the League in a worse financial position than ever. The competitions this year though well supported, were left to overrun too long this year, it was recommended that next season the committee will be tough on outstanding matches, if the due date of completion is not adhered to then the committee will decide which player will forfeit the match, this was agreed unanimously by all those present.

Thanks also go to Bob , Dave, Andy and  Alec for giving time and resources to enable tables to be delivered on time to the Jenny for the open and finals night and also removal 

Treasurers report Colin Southouse

Colin handed out a spreadsheet detailing the income and expenditure for the year and gave a brief explanation, included in the schedule were items that had not been received or paid by the treasurer but were received and paid by others.

As there was a surplus this year due to increased donations, sponsorship and the raffle all subs and fees will remain the same, and agreed that this should continue and will be added to the league rules to ensure compliance in the future

Winter league registration £25.00/team

Summer League registration £10.00/team but will be discussed at a later committee meeting

Competition fees £2 per person for each entry

4 pin Invitational/Open fees £3.00

It was proposed to use the profits this year to pay for engraving of a few of the perpetual trophies to the value of £250 Mick Osborne and Clive Minihane to arrange prices from their contacts

The accounts were passed, Proposed Andy Horsler and Seconded by Andy Ellison

Sussex Interleague

Hastings Capt Jamie Minihane

The team struggled to maintain a consistent team this year which made team struggle to maintain form, Names were taken at the AGM and things looked better for next year, The format will change due to the reduced number of teams, Div 2 and3 will only have 4 teams leaving div 2 to play home and away 2 and play div 3 team once and vice versa for div 3 teams ensuring 10 games are play this year

Election of Officers

Chairman Bob Osborne

No other proposals received

Secretary Colin Southouse

No other proposals received

Treasurer Colin Southouse

No other proposals received

Competition Secretary (New Position) Andy Horsler

No other proposals received

Web Site Manager Sandy Harmer

No other proposals received

Publicity Manager Andy Ellison

No other proposals received, though Andy declared that at some time in the future he wont be able to continue, Colin Southouse and Andy Horsler offered their assistance if and when required


Committee Members

Bob Osbourne, Colin Southouse, Sandy Harmer, Andy Ellison, Jamie Minihane, Andy Horsler, Ray Norton

Rule Changes

1 Teams Fielding less than 5 Players

It was agreed that team fielding lass that 5 players, will draw the available players as usual, once these players have played the top scoring player of that team will be removed from the draw and a new draw will be completed to chose the balance of players required to complete the fixture

2. Withdrawn

3. Coaching,

It was agreed by all that, limited coaching will be permitted, this is to help weaker players learn the game, it also acknowledges that subtle coaching takes place at ALL levels of the game and causes more upset than any other issue during games

4 Withdrawn

5 Handicaps

The rule change was rejected 4 votes to 3


Any Other Business


Registration fees remain mostly outstanding as do competition applications, Andy Horsler to chase 

The League will start 18th Sept 19. 

Colin Southouse to forward fixtures to Sandy Harmer and Captains

Hastings 4 pin invitational 22/06/20

Hastings Open 23/06/20

Finals Night 26/06/20